DCP Setup Maker version 1.2.0

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DCP Setup Maker is a free and powerful cross-platform install builder. First introduced in 2013, DCP Setup Maker is rapidly evolving with stable feature set and improvements at every new release.

Its intuitive user interface and exceptional ease of use makes it very easy to build complex desktop or web installers with large amounts of files. The whole process is done step by step through a wizard-like interface, filling in fields and setting up files to finally build your package without any required knowledge.

To start the program, just double-click on it or run the command:

cd path/to/install/folder; java -jar DCP.jar


Key features:


Apache License

Version 2.0, January 2004

Authors and Contributors:

In Mars 2013, Said SAID EL IMAM (@jackred) founded the DCP Setup Maker project as DevComPack, hosted on

The source-code was then migrated on September 2014 to repository